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This is the first quality site in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and surrounding metro area that deals exclusively with the pursuit of breakfast. Use this site to find a good diner in the twin cities area and then come back and tell us what you thought of their breakfast. Enjoy!

So, obviously this site is slowly creeping out of date. For more the latest and greatest, come find us on twitter!.

Random Breakfast

CC Club
2600 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis

TCB Review:
The spot is reminiscent of a dimly lit backwoods Wisconsin bar, with dark paneled walls covered with beer logo mirrors and plastic banners advertising 2-for-1 specials. Add pool tables, a juke box and tattooed bartenders with braided beards, and we've got a place where scruffy third-shifters stop in for their morning fix and join the too-cool Uptown kids that drop in to nurse their hangovers with greasy breakfast.

Donít expect anything more than that. Youíll get typical bar breakfast here; basic eggs, potatoes, toast and meat stuff with bland coffee. Their out-of-the-freezer spiced potato cubes are good if you like them soft instead of crispy, youíll get nice chucks of meat, …

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•   Stabby's
05/18/09 by Peter Kastler
•   Blackbird Cafe
12/20/08 by Peter Kastler
•   Citizen Cafe
08/18/08 by Pete Kastler
•   Capitol View Cafe
01/01/08 by Peter Kastler
•   Maggies
01/01/08 by Peter Kastler


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The Egg and I has excellent diner food. … [more]

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Hard Times Cafe has a great atmosphere, … [more]

•   Stockman's Restaurant
Great food at any hour. Always a favorite, especially when I am craving breakfast. The portions ar … [more]

•   RJ Riches Family Restaurant
I have been eating at RJ Riches for about 17 years. I have always ordered the chocolate chip pancake … [more]

•   The Wienery
Okay..so this really isn't a breakfast food review (even though they do serve it). But for those of … [more]

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