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Twin Cities Breakfast Diner
Mickey's Diner
Downtown St Paul Dining Car Cafe

5 of 5 Huevos

36 W 7th St 
St Paul, MN 55102

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TCB Review:
With its neon lights beckoning, this legendary dining car is a tiny safe-haven amongst the towering St. Paul skyscrapers. And if you haven’t taken refuge here at least once, you a) aren’t from around here and/or b) don’t know what’s good for you. Not to say you will find anything healthy here: expect good ole fashioned flavorful, buttery griddle-works here, with a focus on fluffed omelets and hashbrowns. Breakfast is available all day – that’s right, 24/7. But the atmosphere it where it’s at here; after all, how many diners do you know of on the National Register of Historic Places?

Posted: 02/02/05 by spacemanpete

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From: Andrew

4 of 5 Huevos
If I stumbled upon some sort of perverted demon who had his mind set on confining me to a restaurant for the rest of my life, unable to go outside even to get a breath of fresh air, I’d beg him to lock me inside Mickey’s. I would be well taken care of by the raspy servers, and I’d minimize my suffering by shortening my life span with all of the artery-clogging delights Mickey’s offers.

That scenario aside, Mickey’s is chock full of breakfast firepower – from their thick-cut bacon to their incredibly fluffy omelets large enough to send small children into nervous tantrums. Before you even step through the entry, Mickey’s is extra convenient because it’s easy to get to. It’s only a short distance from both 35E and 94, something a busy breakfast baron like myself always appreciates. The only obstacle is the crowd – which can be massive at times. Forget going there if some type of hockey tournament or camper show is going on at the Xcel. Not only will you endure a long wait, you’ll also have to risk navigating through a sea of Buick LeSabres piloted by annoying old men that don’t stop for red lights and drive 10 miles per hour. Mickey’s is packed during most popular eating hours, so you’ll most likely have to sit at the counter, as tourists gobble up the booths with their digicams, Minnesota Gopher sweatshirts and troops of teenage daughters fussing with their Kool-Aid-pink hair. The good news is – you want to sit at the counter. You’ll be able to check out the time-tested methods Mickey’s uses for preparing its fare. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the company of Mickey’s regulars – salty folk who add a special touch to the atmosphere.

My most recent breakfast at Mickey’s began with a cup of their coffee, slammed down on the counter by the lone waitress about as hard as humanly possible without the entire contents shooting into the air. Service was slow (there was only one waitress), but I’ve had slower service at restaurants where 20 servers were working. When the moment arrived, I ordered a Denver omelet (ham, onions and green peppers, with cheese as extra) and hash browns. I was delighted to learn that they offered cinnamon-raisin toast, in addition to the usual white and wheat. If I remember correctly, they even had sourdough. I was perched near the griddle (and extra gas burners offering space for two small frying pans) so I was able to watch the birth of my breakfast first-hand. Mickey’s blends the eggs and milk in a blender before they hit the pan. While cooking, their omelets fluff up like Barry Bonds on steroids. When they fold it over and plop it on your plate, the thing looks nearly 4 or 5 inches high! The griddle lady took a paintbrush and slopped what looked like about 2 sticks of butter into a small frying pan, and sloshed the blended contents into the pan. The ham, onions and green peppers were all griddled separately before they were added to the fluffing egg mixture. The hash browns were shredded on the premises, as evident by their density and texture. My raisin toast came with about half a stick of butter on the top of each slice. All the food was piping hot, and the helper attended my coffee to quickly every time it ran close to low.

Mickey’s doesn’t claim to offer health food, but it combines sassy service with buttery goodness to win over the hearts of both locals and honored guests. Lock me away if you dare demon!


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